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FAQ - Frequently asked questions



Are airlines hiring?

Yes. The 2012 Airline Job Guide provides links to airlines hiring websites, the majority of which were hiring at the time of publication. In fact, that were over 1,200 jobs postings at these airlines. So, yes, airlines are definitely hiring.

What airlines does the Guide provide hiring information for, and in what countries?

The 2012 Airline Job Guide has a hiring directory of airlines, including:

  • 40+ airlines in the US
  • 10+ airlines in Canada
  • 10+ airlines in other countries globally, including Britain, Europe, Asia & India

Do I have to go to school to get a Flight Attendant or Passenger Services Job?

No, you do not require formal training to get a Flight Attendant or a Passenger Services job (like a ticket agent or Ramp Agent) , because job duties are learned through airline company provided training and testing after workers are hired.

Once hired, candidates usually undergo formal training that ranges from 2 to 7 weeks, depending on the size and type of the airline carrier and the job. Training takes place in the airline's flight training center. Airlines that do not operate training centers generally send new employees to the center of another airline.

What education and experience do I need to become a Flight Attendant or a Passenger Service Representative?

In almost all western countries, applicants must be high school graduates. More and more Flight Attendants and Passenger Service Representatives are being hired with college degrees. For airline recruiters, desirable areas of concentration include people-oriented studies such as psychology, communications and education. Airline recruiters also look for candidates with 1 or 2 years of customer service experience, indicating that the applicant can effectively resolve difficult customer service issues.

Flight attendants and Call-Center Reservation Agents for international airlines generally must speak one foreign language fluently. Some of the major airlines prefer Flight Attendant candidates who can speak two major foreign languages for their international flights. In Canada, the major airlines require most passenger service personnel and all cabin crew to be bilingual in French and English, particularly if they are based out of the Province of Quebec.

Do you share my personal information with others when I order the 2012 Airline Job Guide?

No. we will never share any of your personal information with any third party.

Can I get a hard copy of the Airline Job Guide mailed to me?

No. The 2012 Airline Job Guide is available as a soft-copy e-book only. We will email you your guide within 1 business day of your order, and you will be able to start applying for jobs immediately.

As an environmentally-friendly organization we have chosen to publish our product as an electronic book. If you prefer to read one of our e-books on paper you can print a copy from your own computer.

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To pay by securely by credit card, PayPal.com provides an online transaction processing system that integrates the most up-to-date security features available. PayPal handles sales in a secure environment, using SSL encryption.

How do I pay securely for membership? I seem to be having trouble using my credit card.

AirlineJOB.net enables you to pay securely for membership using any major credit card (via PayPal) or with a PayPal account.




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