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I want to thank you very much for your Guide! I have an interview this coming Monday. I had a telephone interview today and it went very well. I owe it all to you and the Airline Job Guide! Lisa/Los Angeles, CA

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Get the 2012 Airline Job Guide!

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Travel for Free! Get a Flight Attendant, Customer Service, Ticket Agent or Ramp Agent Job with the 2012 Airline Job Guide.

This 260-page eGuide is emailed to you within 1 business day of ordering. You'll be able to start applying for Flight Attendant jobs immediately with this step-by-step Guide for success!

Includes a hiring directory of 70 airlines in the US & Canada andiInternationally. Ideal for NEW and EXPERIENCED Flight Attendants and new entry-level airline positions.

Includes how to break into the airline industry with 10 entry level job descriptions including the Flight Attendant job requirements, Flight Attendant job training resources, and answers to 46 critical interview questions for Flight Attendants.

Get your resume noticed by airline computer scanners - Includes the words & phrases you need to add to your resume

For 2012, find out which airline:

  • Offers Flight Attendants the best employee travel program in the US
  • Offers Flight Attendants a starting salary of $17.00 an hour
  • Employs 15,000 Flight Attendants and is stable and profitable

Most importantly, find out how to apply for the top airlines that are stable and profitable - key for securing long term employment in today's economy.

Get your Guide today - and get the job of your dreams!


Get The 2012 Airline Job Guide today!

Order now and we will email you the 260-Page guide within 1 business day.

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Start applying for jobs immediately!

The 2012 Airline Job Guide helps you become a Flight Attendant FAST.

Includes specific recruitment information for Flight Attendants at 43 airlines.

And, for 2012, due to popular demand from our readers, we have expanded the guide to include additional information for Flight Attendant positions, including:

  • A typical day in the life of a Flight Attendant
  • Advanced training options for Flight Attendants
  • Tips on how to prevent health risks associated with being a Flight Attendant
  • A great tip on Flight Attendant Performance Monitoring




Here's what our customers are saying: You'll get an Airline Job FAST with the Airline Job Guide!

"Dear AirlineJOB.net, I bought your guide Septemeber and I can't thank you enough for all the information in the Airline Job Guide, plus all the links I get to the airline jobs. The great, great news is that I got offered a job this morning as a flight attendant with one of the lowcost airlines! Lisa/Los Angeles, CA

Thank you, thank you, thank you! My father is an aircraft mechanic, and he told me about your service, because one of his friends found a job through your company.  The Airline Job Guide told me exactly how to apply for the job, and gave me all the information about the airline that I needed to know in the interview to sound like I knew what I was talking about. Even the interviewer said she was impressed that I knew what the airline's revenues were, and how many employees they had, and where all the flight attendant bases were located. Your guide gave me all that information, and gave me the confidence to go into the interview. There are some questions I just would not have known how to answer, and I am absolutely convinced that I got this job because I got a membership with you and read your book. Thank you sincerely! Joleen/Fort Worth, TX

Your service is very good. Getting to know which regional airlines are hiring has been key for me in securing a new First Officer Position after being furloughed. Your guide provided me with a quick list of which airlines were financially viable and which were not. I also like the fast access to the current pilot listings. I will be continuing my membership, just to keep in touch with what's going on in the industry. My Thanks to your team. Rick/Chicago, Illinois

What an awesome service! Thanks so much for the swift response. I will definitely be spreading some VERY GOOD word of mouth about you and your service to my fellow graduates! Serge, Travel College Student, Toronto, Canada .

Thank you for your site. I am now employed and I am no longer looking for work. Your service made the difference. Ken, Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.

I am a C ertified M echanic who is looking for work. Your service is really great to have. Thank you again for your support. Sincerely, Robert/Washington State

I now have the job of my dreams, thanks to your book and your service. I will start my F light A ttendant training in my home town in 3 weeks! Who would of thought they would hire a mother of 2 at age 36? Thank you very, very much for your support and knowledge. Sincerely, Evelyn, Atlanta, Georgia.

Thank you SOOO much for your rapid response. It is so nice to be on the receiving end of great customer service. Don, Fort Meyers, Florida

I signed up for your service two days ago, and I just got an interview at O'Hare for Tuesday morning. Thank you! Erin, Chicago, Illinois.

Thank you so much for the information in the Airline Job Guide and your job posting service. I'm sure that it was your service that got my resume noticed. I am now working for Southwest Airlines, which has been my goal for 4 years. Sincere thanks, Emily/Dallas, Texas


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